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For all sessions, the time set (ex: 1 hour of Reiki) is the time I have my hands working on you more or less but please allow some extra time before and after the session, so we can exchange and have some refreshments, so for 1-hour session I would allow yourself about 1.30 hr to 2.00 hr all together.

Few things have now changed. I do not have a set location yet (May 2023) but I am working on setting up something to receive my clients. In the meantime, I can come to yours for one on one sessions and even private group sound healing. I do bring all my instruments and everything I need to create a safe and beautiful space for you. Prices remain the same I just ask for a contribution for fuel. Allow the full morning or afternoon for those sessions as being in the comfort of your own house, we can chat more etc,... I also work on the energy of the house and the persons living in the house so bonus for you 😉. If for some reason, I can not come to yours, we can always do a distant healing session, this can be as powerful as in person. 

Once I got a room set up I will be able to receive you here in or around Baldavis for now. 


1Hr Hands-on Reiki session $100

Reiki And Sound Session With Cacao 1:1 $120

This session is designed to go deeper and free yourself without holding back anything.

We began our journey with Cacao Medicine (you don't have to if you don't want to), and then follow guidance to use Sound and Reiki on you, for your greatest and highest good. It's a very powerful session. Sandrine uses all her knowledge.

Distant Reiki: $40

Distant Reiki is a great option for those that are unable to have me over at them or can't come to mine.

Distant (or absent, some say) healing means that you stay at home or work and I stay at home to send you Reiki healing. 

Distant Reiki is as powerful and as liberating as in person. Time and space don't exist and everything is frequency and energy. It is surprising for everyone to experience distant healing. Nobody will experience the same and every session will be different same as the in-person sessions. The benefit is that you are staying home, no driving, which means you can be on the other side of the world or just down the road from me. I always send a message or email to explain what happens and /or how to receive it. Basically, we arrange a day and time that work for both of us. You can lie down or sit in a comfortable position. You can listen to a playlist (I often send you a playlist I listen to so you can listen to the same), have some incense, a candle or an oil diffuser to create a relaxing atmosphere similar to what you would have if I was coming to your space or you to mine. Just before the time to receive the Reiki healing, say in your head or aloud ( it is okay if you forget), I am now ready to receive Reiki healing from Sandrine Granet.  You can also set an intention for the session. It is normal to experience the same as an in-person session, hot/cold at different energy centres, jerking of the body, etc. The session last for about 30 min. After the session, I do the same as in person and let you know what I felt/seen/heard. I pull cards and send everything to you by message or email ( usually text or voice message). I remind you to drink plenty of water and usually check on you the next day. there is no limit on how many sessions you can have in a week, the same as an in-person session. It is also great for kids and babies. Can be done on everyone, everywhere.

Payments are made via bank transfer. 

Clinical Hypnotherapy & Strategic Psychotherapy

Initial first appointment 1Hr30Min $235         $190 Limited time only

Follow-up appointment 1Hr $190                    $145

Package deal 4 sessions (first initial appointment + 3 follow up) $700         $600

Group Sound and Reiki Session $25

Sound & Reiki Healing


Book online or contact me. Limited spaces. 

Women And Men Group Circle $25

In this group created for women, relax your mind, body and soul with some Cacao, sound and Reiki, but the most powerful will be for us to share, expand and hold space for each other so we can heal.

This space will be safe for us to share our pain, so we can open our hearts to grow and heal.

A safe space to release, and bring new energy for a new beginning.

Bring an open heart and a non-judgemental attitude.

This space will be blessed with love and will allow you to share freely about anything you wish to release and recharge yourself with new energy.

All about learning to express yourself surrounded by open-hearted women, to empower you and show you that you are not alone.

In this circle we are sisters, mothers, daughters and aunties, everyone is welcome, no discrimination.

Get out of your comfort zone and get out there to share your stories because you deserve to be heard.

You have a voice.

Group Parents & Kids Sound  & Reiki session

$15 per child with adult $5 extra child

This group Parents & Kids session is the same as the Sound and Reiki healing I do above but includes kids. 

This event is all about healing as a parent with your child/ren by your side.
As a parent, I understand how hard it can be sometimes to find time for yourself especially if you are a single parent or have

no family close by.

By creating this event I hope to raise your vibrations as much as your kid.

All kids are welcome as long as you are respectful of others and understand they are kids and may not stay calm the whole hour. It's purely for family only.
No minimum age but up to 12 years old.

Bring their favourite comforter, blanket, teddy, and a mat (I have got a few spares)

Let's heal and connect as a community raising Aware and Awake kids.


Please make sure you arrive earlier so we start on time. Thank you. 


If the dates are not possible for you, please contact me and will see if we can arrange something.

Reiki Level I or II

Both workshops start at 9.00 am and until 2.30 pm on both days.

I provide snacks and refreshments for both days, a little thank-you gift and of course your workshop manuals. Bring your own lunch.

Please contact me for more information.

  • Reiki I $280 ($50 deposit non-refundable, the rest on the day or can be paid prior to the workshop in instalments if desired)

  • Reiki II $330 ($50 deposit non-refundable, the rest on the day or can be paid prior to the workshop in instalments if desired)

 •  contact me for more info (can also be during school hours)

Gift Cards

You can also purchase a gift card for a loved one or colleague or anyone you would like to spoil. Just click on the link below.


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