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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique. The best way to describe Reiki is 'Universal Life Force Energy". 

Reiki works on all levels, physical, spiritual and emotional levels. It energizes and heals the body.

It speeds wound healing time, lower blood pressure, reduce stress and is effective to manage pain.

Reiki has a similar effect on the body/mind as meditation. Regular Reiki helps to grow personally and spiritually, expands consciousness and stimulate intuitive, spiritual and creative awareness.

With one hour of Reiki, it is the equivalent of three to four hours deep relaxing sleep. Reiki is one of the most effective natural stress relief and health improvement there is today.


Reiki is not a religion so anyone of any age group can receive a treatment, and is compatible with any other conventional or complementary treatments.

Giving or receiving Reiki is generally a peaceful and joyous experience.

Reiki complements other health care and medical treatments, always check with your doctor if not sure but Reiki is safe for anyone. I am not a doctor and do not diagnose illness or other health issues.

Reiki is done with the client keeping all their clothes on, lying down on a massage table, with some background music and I use essential oil in diffuser or incense whichever you prefer. I do my best to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. 

Sessions are usually 1hr long, and it can also be done by distance (if unable to come to the office) and on kids as well.

I can also do distant Reiki when you are unable to come to my place. Distant Reiki works as good as a hands-on session and when I do that I recommend you to be able to lye down (or sit down, relax) at the time of the session so you can fully appreciate the relaxation or if you prefer I can do it in the evening when you are relaxed before you go to sleep. I explain that more in-depth if you choose that option. When I will do distant healing on you I will let you know (by email or text) the time I start and finish (if during the day) and also I will let you know how I experienced the session and if there is anything else. You will also be able to ask me questions and let me know how you felt at the time.


For distant Reiki, I just need a full name and a picture would be great but if you can not provide one it's okay, and I prefer to have no information at all or just the minimum so it won't interfere when I feel something. 

Here are some photos of how a session is done.

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