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Clinical Hypnotherapy (hypnosis) & Strategic Psychotherapy

We use Psychotherepay (strategic) in our session to target "how" your behaviours, thoughts, patterns have been maintained through the years and "how" this is an issue for you. Asking strategic questions helps us to understand and then create quick change before the hypnosis session so you are already starting to see a different perspective to the issue you are willing to change. Once we challenge our subconscious mind then we can start our hypnosis session.



Hypnosis is a tool that will help you break patterns/habits. Hypnosis will help you relax and enter a state of trance. When this happens, your mind is able to receive more information than in a normal state. You are in total control of the experience. The Hypnotherapist is just there to guide you to achieve your goals. The session is perfectly personalised to you, every session is unique and adapter to each individual. 


By combining strategic psychotherapy and hypnosis we will be able to break patterns and rewire new connection in the brain to create new healtheir pattern, something that you desire to achieve. We will be able to provide you with tools and helpful psychoeducation to assist you. You have the power within you to change and create something you desire! The brain is amazing.

Why should I choose Hypnosis?

Hypnosis can assist you in many way for different conditions.



Smoking cessation

Weight management

Pain management


Obssessive compulsive disorder

Post traumatic stress disorder

Addiction managment

and many more...

Will it work on me?

Almost anyone can be hypnotise. We do self-hypnotise ourselves every day, you probaly experience at some stage, for example when you are driving somewhere and can't really remember driving there? well this is self-hypnosis. You are in control to go into trance state and will be in control the whole session. Everyone experience it differently but for most people, it's like going into meditation, your mind will calm down and relax. And even if you have never done meditaition, that is fine. There is no right or wrong way to go into trance. The most important thing is that you are willing, that's  the key. The hypnotherapist will guide you to achievethe goals you have set yourself. 

Who do we treat?

Anyone, EXEPT people with serious mental health issues. we don't have medical background here at High Vibrations Reiki and we are more comforatble in seeing client we tuly can help. 

What to expect in a hypnosis session?

The first session will be a little bit longer than a follow up session as we will need to chat more. 

The first initial appoitment will last for about 1hr30min, the "first part" we will do the strategic questions to understand and see "how" the issue is affecting you, from there we will take few notes and then start the hypnosis session which will be 100% tailored to you. It will be personalised so you can relate and take the information necessary to change what you requiere to change. You might experience a deep state of trance or slight it does not matter. You will be in total control of your body and thoughts the whole time.  Once the session is over i will "bring you back" to the present moment and we will exchange feedback. 

The follow up session will be about 1hr. 

How do i book a session?

If you are interested in booking a session, you can email us or give us a call and we'll discuss about it. Keep in mind that it will requiere more than one session to change and re create new healthier patterns. 

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