Yoga at Home


Had an absolutely amazing session with Sandrine. She is amazing energy I can’t recommend her more xx

Amazing, vibrant and knowledgeable soul with beautiful intense as well as soothing sounds. Deffo coming back as I gained in one hour so much

Sandrine is a very peaceful soul, she has an amazing intuition and was able to tap into what was holding me back without any input from myself. Thank you Sandrine for helping me on my journey, I would recommend your services to anyone who is doing the work on themselves.


"Reiki done by distance, feeling of well being at the time of the session and especially after, lots of positive feelings. To renew soon!!"

Emilie A

"I have just had my first session with this lovely lady! 
I have wanted to try REIKI for years and never felt I could justify the money for myself and then I saw a post on a local page and thought wow, this is meant to for me 😀 
My session was amazing and I even got brownies, homemade lip balm and oil blends-highly recommended for all sorts of reasons, thanks Sandrine 👍😀😊💜"

Lynda S

"For several months when I was driving and especially the tractor I had the fingers of my right hand all numb. It was very very annoying, I had to shake my hand for it to pass I talked to Sandrine and I did not think about it except that in recent days I drove a long time the tractor and it is there that I realized that I had no more numbness of the fingers !! Great, thank you Sandrine."

Jean-Luc G