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How to improve your Body, Mind and Soul holistically?

Updated: May 18, 2022

Welcome to my blog!

I'm Sandrine Granet, proud owner of High Vibrations Reiki, and mum of 2 beautiful kids.

I am very passionate about what I'm offering to my clients.

Being about to heal yourself is the best thing you can do in life. I do not heal you, I hold space for you to do your own healing and that's when magic happen. It is amazing to witness transformation in someone, or shifts. There are so many ways for you to re-connect with yourself and to create a new way of living, something that bring you health, self-love, peace and happiness.

I have been on this journey for a while now and I know I also did/do what I'm doing in many other lives as well. I just re-connected to what is my purpose in this life and it is the guide and old space for whoever is ready to do the work.

I am constantly growing, healing, learning and expanding. The journey is incredible beautiful sometimes and fucking awful others, but that's what healing is about, go into the darkness to re-connect to the light.

To be able to hold space for others and guide the best I can is my biggest achievement and I am grateful and honored to share that with lots of people.

I do lots of different modalities and work with lots of different energies this include Reiki, Sound Healing, Channeling messages, Hypnotherapy, Teaching/Guiding...

I learn trough all my clients as well and that's why i love so much what I do.

I will try my best with this blog to give information that will guide, inspire, and help you on your journey.

If you are ready to go within, I can hold a safe and non-judgemental space for you.

What are those Energies healing methods?

Everything I practice is holistic, and all been proven to be very effective on the Body, Mind and Soul.

Everything around us is energy everything, we are made of energy so it is very natural to connect to the source and use energy to help our Body, Mind and Soul to heal from day to day stress, pain, anxiety, emotional strains, etc...

The last couple of years it has been quite challenging for some more than others, and in results of those challenges we all have to cope differently and that's when tuning in into our Body (physical), Mind (mental/emotional), and Soul (Spirit/Higher Self) can help us to reset ourselves and re-connect with peace and love.

Of course healing yourself is mostly painful at the beginning as you will have to look into yourself, let go of the Ego and heal part of yourself that you forgot about it or never wanted to hear about ever again. So it is painful to do your own work, but it is worth it I can guarantee you that the inner peace and freedom you'll gain from the pain or discomfort you'll go through is needed in exchange to find clarity and happiness.

Where to start?

First, the hardest is TRUST yourself!

If you are just beginning on this journey start by learning to follow signs and to trust yourself. If you know you need a bit of relaxation or help to relax and keep having posts or words about Reiki well follow that sign and have some Reiki done and take it from there.

Step by step you will discover more and more modalities that will help/guide you on your journey and meet new unexpected people as well.

The more you open spiritually, the more the Universe will guide you onto the the next step.

I started with Reiki and went from there, I always knew I wanted to be a practitioner and never expected to be a teacher and to be honest now I truly love teaching and guiding people and be their support on their journey.

It is my purpose on this planet, one of them anyway. I LOVE what I do!

Second, learn to tune in to your body and what you need and make time for you! You need it!

It is very hard to take time for yourself and it is necessary on your journey, listen to your Body, Mind and Soul. It is so important. You ARE Important. You Deserve time. You deserve Love. Give it to yourself. Life is beautiful and healing yourself is the best gift you can give yourself.

Last but not least, get in touch and book a session! 🤣😉💚🙏

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