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1:1 VS Group Session

Are you unsure of which session you need? One on one or group session?

Both have their benefits of course and both have negative too depending on your point of view.

We are all different and what I see as a positive might not be for you and that is okay.

One on One

If you are hesitant on which session to get I would recommend one on one first, as you can go deep within and be more vulnerable if you need to be. I 100% hold a safe and sacred sace for you to release, let go and clear whatever you need to clear.

The one on one session is very personal and obviously my attention is all on you and i can channel energy for YOU and only you. The session is always longer than expected as we always exchange after the session your experience and my messages for you.

Whether you choose the Reiki or Sound & Reiki one on one you will receive excellent service and I do take time for you. I do hold the space for you so you can feel comfortable to open freely and explore within yourself what needs to be clear, heal or just acknowledge. There is no right or wrong way in a session and every session is totally different. The more you work on yourself the faster you are able to acknowledge your emotions, triggers and to create a new beginning each time.

In an one on one session I give you as much tools as you need on your journey. I'm there for you to channel the best I can.

We create a connection beyond the physical and heal parts of you that require, I just hold space, you are the one healing yourself.

The only negative thing I can think of will be for some the price, and because I understand everyone is unique I'm as flexible as I can so you can commit to yourself. I offer discount and if you are really struggling please reach out. If i can't guide you or if I think you'll benefit more rom someone else services I will do my best to refer you to another therapist.


Group session are very powerful sessions as well. We all set intention, similar or not whatever resonate with you, but to come together is already a common intention to "Heal". To be in a group as well can help some people to relate to each other, to connect, to be able to share with someone that will "get you".

Meditating in a group is always more powerful and the persons that are in the group with us are the persons that resonate with our frequencies and attract each other. If the group resonate with you then go for it, maybe you are meant to meet someone that will say something and just connect the dots.

Group energy are great to manifests as well. If we all focus on similar intentions that amplify the meaning and therefore will manifest faster.


In conclusion i would say just go with whatever you are attracted for. If you are drawn to a one on one session go for it the next one you might prefer a group session for a little top up.

Any session is better than none at all and all are very beneficial to everyone.

Of course the more commitment you put in yourself the faster result you'll see and achieve.

If you wan to know more feel free to contact me!

Thanks for reading.


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