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What is Sound Healing/Therapy?

Sound has been used for many years by our ancestors. They knew how powerful sound had an effect on our physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

They knew that as everything is energy we are all vibrating at different frequency and sound can be used to lift and reset our body.

Pretty much every cultures on this Earth use sound in their healing. From Shamanic drum, vocal singing, singing bowls, didgeridoos and many more it has always been around and used. We just disconnected with sound and finally it is coming back as many of us feels the need for more healing, peace and calm in our lives especially the last couple of years.

Our bodies are made of 'Energy Frequencies' and Sound Frequency can be used to reattune these energies.

All you have to do is lie down and bask in the tuneful beauty of 'pure' sound.

​Sound healing/therapy synchronizes brain waves to achieve profound states of relaxation, helping to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of the cells in our bodies.

​Sound healing/therapy helps not only physical illness but also help balance emotions and quieten a busy mind. Most people feel calm and relaxed following a session. For some, this feeling will last several days.

​It's incredible how our Body, Mind and Soul respond to those frequencies, to any music for that fact. Music is a therapy we all know that and that type of "music" is pure therapy that heals you.

Every instrument is attuned a special frequency and those frequencies depend on the attunement have a purpose for the body or mind.

Of course same as Reiki, you are healing yourself, not me.

I'm just a channel to guide frequency and energy to you and hold a safe space for you to let go and open yourself to your higher self.

I'm here to guide you into transformation for yourself.

The crystal singing bowls are the first instruments I purchased and are so special to me and also to everyone as they are attuned to each chakras and are tuned in a very harmonious frequency. The purpose of those bowls are to balance the chakras.

The Drum is my Medicine, this is my power, this drum I birthed with the intention to ignite the fire in my clients, to let go, to step into your power, this drum is so fucking powerful, really it is the most powerful instrument I own and everyone that has a session with me is like "omg the drum!" This drum on his own is powerful and when combine with all others instruments wow it's amazing! I'm so blessed I have found such a great man to hold space for me to birth my drum. Forever grateful.

Other instruments (flutes and rain stick) have been crafted here in Perth from product from our land and I respectfully use them with permission of elders. Some other instruments like the the tuned pipes and tuning forks and drums are from online shopping.

How does sound healing/therapy work?

Sound healing is very powerful as i explained earlier.

It helps us to relax, calm the mind, take time for yourself and tuning in into your body.

It helps clearing old emotions so we can let go. It make us feels good. It helps us to balance ourselves in a way that is gentle and natural using vibrations and frequencies.

It brings us wherever we need to go to do our work. It connect us, to ourselves and to the moment present as you listen to the sound.

It also boost your health in a way you'll never imagine. Research has be done and found that it is a great way to improve your sleep, reduce pain and blood pressure, reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

All you have to do is to book yourself a session can be one on one or group, depending on your preference. Some people like to have a one on one session a couple of time to go deep on their own and to really have all the attention on them so they can be authentic to themselves and be vulnerable to let go. After that sometimes they might want to join our monthly group session to keep all chakras and emotions in balance.

It is about finding what works for you on your journey and committing to yourself.

With either session; one on one or group; the experience will always be different from person to person and session to session, never you'll experience the same thing.

Most of people will experience deep relaxation and can sometimes have some emotional release. You might even experience a state of consciousness that you never experienced before, feeling half awake half asleep. Everyone experience is Unique like you are! There is no right or wrong way to experience a sound healing.

Brief recap...

Sound healing is a great way to calm, reduce stress, anxiety and to balance your whole body and mind at the same time.

Everyone is welcome in a sound healing.

Open your heart and bathe yourself in some deep relaxing frequency to reconnect with you!

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