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How can Reiki help?

Reiki can help in many different ways, mentally/emotionally, physically and spiritually.

It helps relieves physical pain as well as mental pain. It speeds up the healing process and has no side effects. It does work well as a complementary therapy for any treatments. It improve the way the brain relax and regulate emotions and with consistency (like everything) the benefits are countless. It is very relaxing and really helps the receiver to switch off for an hour so healing can take place.

It has been used for many years and been proven to helps on all the levels. It is very beneficial to have Reiki when stressed or anxious as it really calm the mind and help the person to enter a meditative state.

Like every holistic modality it does happen that the person won't relax the way they want to maybe because the person is expecting too much of the session, in that case it is totally fine as even if the person doesn't totally relax (like he/she wants) the Reiki energy still works on all levels and does make a difference in the person's life.

Every sessions are different, nothing happen twice and the results are always positif.

Reiki is gentle hands-on Japenese technique and doesn't require you to undress to receive it. It is very relaxing and allow your brain to enter different stage of meditation.

To receive Reiki you just need to be open-minded, and ready to start your healing journey.

Reiki is not a religion, you don't need to be spiritual, it is an alternative therapy. It can be used in conjunction of others therapies.

It is totally safe for babies, kids, teenager, men, women, elderly, pregnant women, for anyone, from any background or religion. Reiki doesn't discriminate.

What happen after a session of Reiki?

After a session of Reiki, we recommend you to drink plenty of water that day and the following day as energy will be still shifting and in doing so it is important to stay hydrated and to flush all the toxins out of the system.

I will always message you the next day to get feedback and answer any questions if you have some.

The most common question I get straight after a session is "When do I need to come back?" or "how many sessions do I need?" I used to reply to everyone "I'm not your mum, and won't tell you what you should or should not do!" which is true and I will also add that like any other therapy, consistency is key!

The more you do your work the more you will see improvement in your life, it's like going to the gym, you will feel great after the first session but if you don't go back, you won't see any improvement in the long term.

The more you commit to yourself and show up for you the more you'll see all the benefits Reiki can bring into your life.

I do Reiki on myself every day even if it's just 10min it's a great way to maintain my energy and balance my chakras.

How can I learn Reiki?

If after few sessions or even if you never had a Reiki session you decide to learn Reiki, there's few things to consider.

  • If you really connected with me😉 or the person you went for Reiki ask her/him if they also teach.

  • If dates align that's great, if not reach out and ask if there are more workshops etc.

  • Make sure you are okay with the size of the class, depending if you prefer a small group or larger group.

  • Most important is the connection you have with your teacher, make sure you are happy with that.

Whoever you choose to teach you Reiki trust that it will be the perfect teacher for you at that time!

Get some Reiki done and feel more at peace!🙏💚

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