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Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my page!

I never done a blog before so i'm very new to this and it's so exciting!

I want to start this blog so I can post every week or whenever I feel the need to share something.

The posts on Instagram are to restricted if you want to write big post and Facebook is linked to my Insta account so...

For this first I first, I would love to introduce myself and what I do and how I can help you.

So I'm Sandrine a Reiki and Access Bars® practitioner in WA, Australia.

I live in Stratton a little town 30 min outside of Perth. My partner and myself have 2 beautiful kids, a son (4.5 years old) and a daughter (3 years old).

I was born and raised in France until 2006. I left France to go and learn English in Ireland (I know, I know not the best country to learn English 😂). I will pass all my travels and everything else as I'm not writing a travel blog!!😁🌏

I grew up with Reiki and natural therapies around me and in my family back in France.

My family (mum and grandparents) really used and still using lots of homeopathy, batch flower essence, Reiki and lots of other stuff to name few. So Reiki always has been very natural for me and I always said that I would learn one day! It took me a long time but I believe I had to grow and experience lots of different things in my life before re connecting to it and finally taking the time to re connect with myself as well to be able to learn it and apply it.

The main reason I started was first to help my son, he had (and still has a bit) speech issues (was diagnosed with Apraxia of Speech) and after trying some other natural holistic therapies I remembered that I wanted to learn Reiki and that it was the perfect time NOW to learn it. Of course, it didn't stop me from booking appointment with speech therapists and seeing a private speech to help him. But i wanted to add an holistic approch to help him as well and help myself too. So I did, I enrolled for Reiki I, I had to explain to my partner as he had no idea what I was talking about and didn't know what was Reiki, but he was and is very open to all that, luckily for me!😉 After my level one, the first 21 days I did Reiki on myself to really help myself first and then I started to do on my kids, at the beginning it was only a couple of minutes as they were not used to it but wanted it.

Also I want to say that I always explain the kids what I do and ask if they want to try, of course the answer is always positive because kids are so much more in tune with Energy work than us adults! So I really love working with kids, they tell me when their body is "fully charged" and clean. Anyway after few months of doing Reiki on my son the improvements were massive and his confidence grew stronger, even the speech therapist noticed and told me about the progress he had made in only 3 months. I still do Reiki on both my kids every single night (they won't go to sleep unless I do Reiki on them! Tehy even fighting for who goes first!) after their night story.

So of course, when few months ago I learnt Access Bars® it was very natural for me to talk to them about what I had learnt and ask them if they wanted to try! The answer was YES was so exciting that we started that night and same again the progress for my son exploded! It is so great to watch now and listen to him, we still do speech therapy, he still has a journey ahead of him but with all the tools I'm able to give him it's amazing, I'm so proud of him and so grateful I'm able to help in different ways.

That's why if you have a little one that may struggle or you struggling yourself I can help you. I won't promise or sell you hope but will be honest with you and help you the best I can. The beauty of Reiki is that I can send it by distance as well, because Energy is energy there is no time and space, so no matter where you are around the world I can offer you a Reiki session, unfortunately I won't do the Access Bars® by distance for now anyway, maybe one day why not?

If after reading all this you are still there then I invite you to contact me or just book an appointment for some love from soul to soul. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Next post will be about what are Reiki and Access Bars® stay tuned!

Want to get in touch?

you can contact me by email: contact@highvibrationsreiki.com.au

you can also visit/follow my Facebook page: @highvibrationsreikisandrine

or my Instagram page: high_vibrations_reiki

Also, if you are not following me yet, once a month (first Saturday) I offer Distant Group Reiki at cheaper rate and next one is Saturday 7th of December. Book now so you don't miss out to some extra Love and Peace before the Christmas rush!

I hope you have a great day, week and talk to you soon!


Sandrine xx

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