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Merry Christmas?!

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This time of the year again!🙄🤣

Yes, Christmas the busiest time of the year for all re sellers, big supermarkets and all retail shops!

I did enjoy Christmas as a kid of course but once I discovered that it was all a lye (actually, I learned by 2 girls in my primary school), I was fricking angry that my parents for the fact that they lied to me and I couldn't understand why? Why they lied to me? I was young but after that Christmas wasn't the same for me, but I still liked it in different ways.

In my early 20's, the meaning of Christmas really changed again, for me it was more to have a party and get out and have fun, I didn't really care if we exchanged presents anymore it was just fun, food and drinks.

Then I had my first child, that changed again the meaning of it, was so cute and cool to watch him discover all the lights and decorations etc.. And same his little sister came to the world, they were both so tiny so no need to explain or say anything to them just watching them was enough.

But this year all changed again, already last year wasn't my favorite time of the year but now this year omg I'm so over it!! I can't lye to my kids and repeat the same conditioned sentence we've been told as kids "Santa is watching you, if you're not good he won't bring any toys!". Of course even if they don't behave they will get toys, as i told them! It is so commercial nowadays, it's a race to who get what, it's ridiculous the toys are getting more expensive every year and the expectation is becoming bigger (thank god my kids don't watch t.v (just Netflix😉) as I'm sure the ads on t.v for toys must be crazy!already just the junk mail is enough!) and bigger. I'm sick of all this big business for them to fill up their pockets. When my son was baby I used to buy not much stuff at all and second hand, and that's what I'm going to do again next year, I very often buy second hand, 90% of my clothes are second hand now and I get the best compliment ever!😂 So next year will be more second hand for the kids (they don't care and love to give/sell their toys as they do understand the concept) we already don't buy them much. Even if we didn't buy them anything they be still getting presents from they grandparents and aunties/uncles anyway so they do get plenty of toys.

Kids are not materialistic like adults they don't need much, just our love, time with us and be present for them and some random toys, they have enough imaginations to create whatever they want in their world.

I don't want our kids to tell me that I lied to them for years like I told my mum, I'm teaching them not to lye so how hypocrite I am to lye to them about a big red man that doesn't exist! So people lye and dream about Santa but don't believe in Fairies, Angels Guides and Spirits how twisted and weird people are😂😉!! All those books and stories about Santa and also the Easter rabbit while we are talking about imaginary and made up big business for shops. Because let's be honest it's only business, I might sound hard but what are you celebrating? Are you Catholic and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ? Why? So, I know I don't have to celebrate it. If you look back 2 generations ago they was not all this crap it's just a business, kids don't need to believe in Santa to behave well or to listen to their parents, or have presents to be happy! Parents needs to listen to their kids more and be more present. The only thing I like about Christmas is that people enjoy more the company of each other but why should it be only at christmas that people care more for each other why not every other day? Christmas is every day celebrating to be together and sit down at the table with a great meal, bein grateful, not only once a year in my eyes! Don't take life for granted and enjoy every minute don't wait the next Christmas to celebrate life and share with others! Enjoy playing with your kids more often, listen to their dreams, their hopes and you won't need Christmas! Spend more time with each other, put the fricking phone down and BE with the people in your life, talk more, laugh more, live more, as you don't know what tomorrow will be made of.

We shouldn't need one day a year to be special, to gather together, every day are special because you are alive!

The only thing I Love about this time of the year is that my partner is (every year) off for one month and we spend it the 4 of us going few weeks camping and have fun 4x4 and just being together that is why I'm excited about this time not christmas. So enjoy the time with your love one, time is now and it's precious.

Don't over spend money on materialistic present this year but more on kisses and hugs and Time! Of course I'm still buying presents for our nephews and nieces from overseas because they probably don't share my point of view and I totally respect everyone point of view, but I thought I share mine today!

I'm so grateful for my kids, partner and everyone in our life!

Thank you for reading me again! 😉💖🙏

Sandrine xxx

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